Summer Student Exhibition

Sunshine. Barbecue. Arts and technology. On Friday, August 11, the CHICAT community gathered for the Summer Student Exhibition to celebrate projects created in the summer youth programs. Pieces on display represented a variety of media, from charcoal drawings to electric cars, to photos, videos and three-dimensional prints, and offered a look into the deep well of CHICAT’s student potential. Surrounded by family and friends, the students spent the day playing chess, enjoying a delicious meal and learning about one another’s art.

During the summer, the Design Studio was abuzz with activity, hosting classes in drawing, comic book illustration and character design. High school students from across Chicago came together during these two-week sessions to generate still life portraits, comic panels and cartoon characters, melding different hand-drawn media to bring their visions to life. Additionally, the Design Studio housed CHICAT’s first middle school student program, Scientists For Tomorrow. In this six-week class, youth experimented with batteries, solar energy and data visualization to create motorized vehicles and other engineering models.

In the Digital Studio, a sixteen-student cohort worked as a youth press team for Mayor Emanuel’s One Summer Chicago program. The group spent seven weeks traveling around the city to photograph and record other student workers as they painted murals, washed viaducts and cleaned boulevards. Their work culminated in a collage and video that One Summer Chicago will use for promotional purposes during 2018.

In the Maker Studio, students tinkered and crafted in classes like Post-Digital Puppetry, Games We Play and Make The Thing! Youth created their own Chicago-themed board games and printed phone cases, model figures and architectural miniatures. Other students made two-dimensional figures for modern shadow puppet theater and finger puppets for other theater applications.

The Chicago Center for Arts & Technology provided more than seventy students with out-of-school activities, revamped the gallery with youth art work and catapulted forward into the new school year.

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