Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Inspiring & Serving Young People

CHICAT’s free youth arts programs focus on the intersection of art and technology through STEAM education and project-based learning. We strive to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of our students by offering postsecondary advising, individual counseling, and mentorship services.

Central to the success of CHICAT’s youth programs is curricula rooted in storytelling. CHICAT aims to develop young people’s self-worth and community awareness through storytelling projects created in its Design Arts, Digital Arts, and 3D Maker Arts studios. Courses for middle school and high school students are now available.

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Design Arts

• Screenprinting
• Printmaking
• Comic Book Design
• Cartooning
• Painting & Drawing

Digital Arts

• Animation
• Web Design
• Digital Photography
• Audio Production
• Video Production

3D Maker Arts

• 3D Printing
• 3D Modelling
• CNC Laser Cutting
• Coding
• Digital Fabrication

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